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Personal Injury

Attorney Spencer Bergstedt heads up our Personal Injury Department. Mr. Bergstedt has gained a broad range of experience and expertise in of his years as a lawyer. He is skilled at negotiating settlements for those who have been injured in car accidents, slip and fall accidents, assaults, and those who have been injured due to medical or dental malpractice.

At BergstedtwWolff, PS, we represent clients who have been physically or economically harmed by others. This is commonly known as personal injury law. We accept only a small percentage of the cases where we are asked to act as attorneys. Our goal is to provide high quality legal services, to resolve claims in a fair manner, and to do so as rapidly as legal requirements and responsible case preparation will permit.

The attorney/client relationship is based on trust and confidence. You must feel free to tell us everything that relates to your case even if some of the information is sensitive or embarrassing. We need your complete honesty so that we can effectively represent your interests. Evidence that is kept from us may make it more difficult to obtain a fair settlement or could cause the loss of a case at the time of trial. If you have questions concerning how sensitive or embarrassing information might affect your case, please bring this to our attention.

As we are sure you can understand, no attorney can guarantee any specific outcome in a legal matter, particularly one that involves determining fair compensation for physical injuries or pain and suffering. However, if we believe that your case has merit, we will be willing to commit our time to your case. Ultimately it will be the strength of the evidence that will most likely determine the outcome. We will have many responsibilities on your case, including gathering information, calendaring important dates, processing medical bills and medical records, and other duties.

Please schedule an appointment so that we can discuss your case with you.